What is Peers2Zero?

Paediatric-Adolescent  Treatment Africa (PATA) and the African Youth Positives Network (AY+), as consortium partners, launched Peers2Zero (P2Z) in 2016. P2Z aims to improve access to effective treatment and care for adolescents and young people living with HIV (A/YPLHIV). P2Z builds the capacity of both PATA and AY+ networks, bringing frontline health providers and young people living with HIV together, to jointly plan, deliver and evaluate adolescent-friendly HIV services (AFHS).  P2Z also links AYPLHIV to national networks so that they can build their advocacy skills and advocate for change. P2Z quality improvements have been initiated in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Swaziland.

The P2Z website serves as a platform to showcase the advocacy achievements of peers, but is also intended as a tool for motivation and a hub of resources so that all A/YPLHIV have the materials and support they need to create their own advocacy messages and campaigns.

The Dar Es Salaam Peer Supporter Declaration was created during a 2016 Youth Summit, where A/YPLHIV from across Africa committed  to playing a role in the Fast-Track strategy to end AIDS by 2030, including 95-95-95, 200,000 new infections among adults and zero discrimination


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Current focus

P2Z is using 2018 to advocate for #peerpower, demanding that HIV services, treatment and care across sub-Saharan Africa become youth and adolescent-centred and stigma-free.

Past activities

  • Health provider sensitization
  • AY+ Regional Summit
  • 2016 Youth Summit
  • Advocacy training
  • Capacity building
  • Regional networks meetings
  • National networks meetings

Strengthening P2Z

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The P2Z activities are aimed at advocating for #peerpower, while developing resources that other A/YPLHIV can use for their own advocacy efforts. Visit the P2Z Resource Hub to start creating your own powerful campaign, event or activity.

Resource Hub

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